with special thanks to youth of BBC

.B..In baltimore conscious real-estate faith groups are banking on youths next 3 billion jobs- renew planet, renew community, superapp missing infrastructure..
.B...In Bangladesh over 100000 educators at BRAC show how end poverty trains every family's leading daughters to be at epicentre of 17 sustainability goals most celebrated solutions. Girl empowerment has now created the world's largest cashless bank www.bkash.com - go to www.brac.net to discover next superapp under 30s will hackathon
.C..In China the friendships being networked with all jobs creating youth are under 30 are amazing and especialy valuable among the half of the youth living on one percent of planet located within 3000 miles of beijing

some of this blog family's most urgent collaboration questions

-from education - how do we design a mooc (at every grade) out of financial literacy - some leading network hubs of financial literacy mentoring : aflatoun (aflatoun at brac) 10thousandgirl ...

rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

a chinese letter from america

I will start at the end of my 12 months in usa - seeing how to build a whole city anew - sustaimabilty goal 11 way to go

naila on monday i was at this meeting with 2 people in baltimore (well 4 actually but 2 people had spent years on the local blueprints)

they were taking out map of every quadrant- working out where 100 or more blighted houses could be rebuilt for different target groups -eg batlimore 100 most loyal community health nurses to be; working out which person on the council to pitch which redevelopment to; and which corporartes matched which

they were doing this because al then reinvest the profits in a complete youth centre around the church his elders go to =youth architect comoetitions could have lost of intergenerational play

baltimore playground with 3 billion future jobs of renew planet renew community superapp missing infrastructure
first he does the school ages government doesnt do - so catching next generation of family's as well as checkinh in on forst 1000 days of nutrition and maternal health 

for 8 year olds he puts on a dream movie so the space is cool and safe with their peers

for early teens he organises hackathons with police offers (better open spaces than streets and guns unless you sponsor nra), or coming next month the best tech summer campy every wizard ever to have passed through baltimore can co-stage -searching for a model like this was the main reason 50 chinese came to the 20th childrens olympiads last summer as amy found out from her interviews and mentoring by william and hiro

and currently by only doing one or two big events a month he makes sure they are so good that all other (investors in) hubs in the city want to be his partner not  vice versa having to queue to find partners

sounds ,like the sequence al goes through could largely regenerate any black city though admittedly baltimore has so much positive about to happen that i dont know if eg joi ito (mit media lab head) who donates his time to detroit would be anywhere near this; equally observe what youth around al want next and you can pull together the perfect missing training curriculum (ie make the mit deans job 10 times simpler by seeing whate needed before trying to teach it)

so thats how baltimore will be built- amy has need to connect chinese friends and the abeds family's wishes economistbbc.com banking will linkin how many of youth 10000's greatest job creators?  with mostofa and other young chinese who are searching out beijings most social open spacers- it would be sad if baltimore as a tradinhg city didnt shoiw china is a wain parter with usa before trump blockades any such youth hope

so naila-amy maybe king can organise the reunion of the four of you

by the way the stuff that happened last time you were have a king meetup in san diego- i was asked to pay 4500 dollars to pay for king and amy to go over; i couldnt afford that and i wasnt even shown the event; and the week had started with the blackest of mondays - we had arranged on her fiirst week back from her family holiday in china for john to see all of her best friends in the region but because of misinformastion other friends of john told him  that every single person amy introduced john to was to be permanently avoided

now i have no more knowledge to contribute to black community regeneration unless you think we can rebrief atlanta or someone that can inform obama to keep wats a free agent next year or we can just watch and catalogue elarning skills ; i have at least 10 other youth communities where my family tree have more direct ways to breakthrough all the vested interest noise than dc as most anti-youth capital on the planet

 i am off to london to debrief people on how yunus lost all of his 32 billion dollars of goodwill with youth; i am co-designing a world class brand partnering process so that what happened to yunus will never happen to the abed family

thats what i do for than 30 years now where i have found the largest or most purposeful brands in the world good partners and customised valuation audit of their future trust

if you as a bangladeshi dont want the abeds to have the nest investment relationships with china then please tell me so - otherwise i will get on with that if only someone can look after amy properly
over and over black communities were kindest to me on my east coast leadership quests- before my first ever trip to london - i wanted to thank Dr Al and Conscious King and CC alumni
economistbbc GlobalYOuth world tour alumni photo 1 - WASH DC december 2015
 row XXX amyChina KingDCCC ZaraLaMaestra SanDiego Julia (to check)

Saturday, July 4, 2015

economistbbc's youthful founder CQ reports :
my first leaders quest to dc or anywhere outside china around 4 july 2015
met africa's free university  taddy blecher  :i understand missing jobs curricula mandela applauded most were entrepreneurship with branson and coding with google africa to which taddy has added maharishi self-determination and ... 
Bangladesh's women4empowerment and fashion4development ambassador naila c - so the furst 25 years of bangladesh as seventh largest nation was built almost entirely by the poorest village mothers =- what could be exciting is the nation's digital global village economy is now being built by their daughters- thats why when china and bangladesh lead the worlds fashion making both nations should share in mourning when a factory killls a thousand garment workers - at least thats what i have been invited to listen at UN septmber as first ladies around the world ask youth to help viralise fashions that do no evil

celebrated with 500 creative children at their 20th arts olympiads on elipse (the back bachk garden of white house)
conducted my first space tour with akira's and toyota family's Hiro Yokoi
met chillicon valleys' greatest youth friend networker billy
talked to a few satellite tv people-wondered why has it taken so long for youthjobstv channel to unite the world in under 30s's greatest lives - on my next trip i met Harrison Owen who explained my compatriots had found the  answer was dogshit

Sunday, September 22, 2013


ASU students develop winning plan for campus credit union

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A campus credit union to deposit and borrow money is the idea a team of undergraduate students in Albany State’s College of Business conceived. The students took the plan to a competition of graduate students and walked away with a sixth place finish for the concept that supports community development on the local level. The group participated in the Opportunity Funding Corporation Innovation and Entrepreneurship National Business Plan Competition held April 18-21 in Atlanta. This is the first time ASU students placed for development of a business venture. They also, received high marks for presentation and the overall written plan to operate the member-owned financial cooperative they named, the Ram Nation Federal Credit Union.
“The opportunity to participate in the OFC Entrepreneurship and Innovation weekend is a valuable experience for the business majors. Our students were able to network and have face-to-face time with real world professionals. Win, lose or draw, all of the students are winners and have gained valuable experience that will serve them well in future business endeavors,” said Thelma-Adams Johnson competition coordinator and part-time instructor.
(From left: Seung-Yean Won, senior management major,  Thelma Adams-Johnson, advisor, Kareem Ali, senior accounting  major, Paulette Webb, senior management  major, Regent Larry R. Ellis,  University System of Georgia Board of Regents, Samantha Reese, senior accounting major, Adante Adams, junior accounting major, Robert Robinson, sophomore dual marketing and mass communication major and Dr. Fidelis Ikem, Dean, ASU College Business.)

The Opportunity Funding Corporation is a not-for profit corporation which was created in 1970 to facilitate the ownership of for-profit business entities. Through the organization, a comprehensive entrepreneurship curriculum is developed to prepare students for entrepreneurship.
“Our team planned the credit union to focus on people who don’t have a sufficient understanding about banking and people who lack trust in banks. We followed basic credit union guidelines. I researched realistic expenses for computers, software, hardware, furniture, salaries, and a vault,” said senior, management major Seung Yean Won.
We had to find the comparative advantages of our credit union over Doco, [Doco Regional Federal Credit Union] and other major banks. One advantage of ours was a series of seminars to teach people more about banking and its importance,” Won added.
Won, Adante Adams, junior accounting major, Kareem Ali, senior accounting major, Samantha Reese, senior management major, Robert Robinson, sophomore dual marketing and mass communication major and Paulette Webb, senior management major also participated in seminars and networked with industry leaders from Sam’s Club, Walmart, Owens Corning and Adecco.
The University of West Indies earned first place in the competition, while Southern University came in second.
For more information contact the Albany State University Office of University Communications at (229)-430-4671.
- See more at: http://thealbanyjournal.com/2013/05/asu-students-develop-winning-plan-for-campus-credit-union/#sthash.QTivoJdG.dpuf

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

extract from Joseph Stigler article vanityfair jan 2012

If we expect to maintain any semblance of “normality,” we must fix the financial system. As noted, the implosion of the financial sector may not have been the underlying cause of our current crisis—but it has made it worse, and it’s an obstacle to long-term recovery. Small and medium-size companies, especially new ones, are disproportionately the source of job creation in any economy, and they have been especially hard-hit. What’s needed is to get banks out of the dangerous business of speculating and back into the boring business of lending. But we have not fixed the financial system. Rather, we have poured money into the banks, without restrictions, without conditions, and without a vision of the kind of banking system we want and need. We have, in a phrase, confused ends with means. A banking system is supposed to serve society, not the other way around.
That we should tolerate such a confusion of ends and means says something deeply disturbing about where our economy and our society have been heading.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

from mit

Study: At most a third of us show a consistent approach to financial risk

Empirically rich new study finds most people alter their risk-management approach depending on the type of financial decision.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

is there a magic way for wiping out national debt

whether or mot the wonky economists at imf are correct - nation's futyre value should not  be rated on debt old politicians and bankers have got into but ability to invest in netgeneration as most productive time of youth with million times more collaboration tech than when man raced to moon- as dad pointed out in the economist when first previewing net generation in 1972 - remember the industrial revolution would never have started out of uk if ratings agencies had bene around to see how much debt uk was taking on inits worldwide exploited

IMF's epic plan to conjure away debt and dethrone bankers

Telegraph.co.uk-21 Oct 2012
Entitled "The Chicago Plan Revisited", it revives the scheme first put ... and the quantity of credit would become completely independent of each ...