with special thanks to youth of BBC

.B..In baltimore conscious real-estate faith groups are banking on youths next 3 billion jobs- renew planet, renew community, superapp missing infrastructure..
.B...In Bangladesh over 100000 educators at BRAC show how end poverty trains every family's leading daughters to be at epicentre of 17 sustainability goals most celebrated solutions. Girl empowerment has now created the world's largest cashless bank www.bkash.com - go to www.brac.net to discover next superapp under 30s will hackathon
.C..In China the friendships being networked with all jobs creating youth are under 30 are amazing and especialy valuable among the half of the youth living on one percent of planet located within 3000 miles of beijing

some of this blog family's most urgent collaboration questions

-from education - how do we design a mooc (at every grade) out of financial literacy - some leading network hubs of financial literacy mentoring : aflatoun (aflatoun at brac) 10thousandgirl ...

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

over and over black communities were kindest to me on my east coast leadership quests- before my first ever trip to london - i wanted to thank Dr Al and Conscious King and CC alumni
economistbbc GlobalYOuth world tour alumni photo 1 - WASH DC december 2015
 row XXX amyChina KingDCCC ZaraLaMaestra SanDiego Julia (to check)

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