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    China is faced with the arrival of the industrial era, with the development of electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, and indirectly contribut
    In the four forces of industrialization, urbanization, and globalization driven reform, Chinas valve equipment manufacturing outlook is still wide, the future of
    Forging the forging is the use of a mechanical pressure is applied to the metal blank to produce a plastic deformation, to obtain a certain mechanical properties
    May this year, the State Council promulgated the five-second national urban sewage treatment and recycling facilities construction plan, said the five-second per
    Welcome to Tianjin Tanggu Valve Plant!
          Tianjin Tanggu Valve Co.,Ltd was funded in 1956 whose origin is Tianjin Tanggu valve plant, which was reformed in 2004 and has been awarded national secondary enterprise.

          It is a specialized manufacture enterprise that focuses producing, installing, sale and service. The main products include Center Line Butterfly Valve, Flanged Butterfly Valve, Metal Butterfly Valve, Gate Valve, Check Valve, Waterpower Control Valve, Multi-function Pump Control Valve, Globe Valve, Ball Valve and their series products.
          TVT must be always at your service with high-class products under the spirit “honesty and realistic”

    Engineering Case

    • Petrochemical Industry

      Engineering Case:Xinjiang HuaAo Petrochemical Co

    • Electric Power Industry

      Engineering Case:Anhui Huainan Los Can Power Gen

    • Metallurgical industry

      Engineering Case:Tianjin Iron&Steel Group Co

    • Sewage?Industry

      Engineering Case:TEDA(Tianjin Economic-Technolog

    • Water Supply Engineering

      Engineering Case:Dongguan Water Plant

    • Construction Industry

      Engineering Case:Petition Reception Office of Ch

    • Engineering Installation

      Engineering Case:China Huadian Engineering Co.,l

    • Pharmaceuticals?Industry

      Engineering Case:Tianjin Kingyork Group Co.,Ltd.